Covid-19 Update: Prism the Gift Fund is fully operational and able to respond to the needs of our clients. If you would like further information on Prism's services and how we can facilitate emergency programmes and other charitable initiatives during this time please contact

  • Tessa Jowell Foundation

    Following Tessa’s call to improve brain cancer treatment, research and survival, the Mission consists of leading academics, doctors, cancer charities and patients collaborating to deliver a new national strategy for brain cancer, to make the needed changes in brain cancer treatment and research.

  • The 11 Foundation

    THE 11 FOUNDATION - founded by Carly and Joe Cole - is centred around the concept of CONNECTIVITY and COLLABORATION. The Foundation tackles pressing issues and provides support and funding to established charities and organisations. The principles of INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY underpins the Foundation’s approach that focuses on health, the environment, and the provision of opportunities.

  • The Hope Project

    Situated on the Greek island of Lesbos, The Hope Project aims to empower refugees by offering aid to those who arrive on the island as well as providing access to programmes of social support.

  • The Life You Can Save UK

    The Life You Can Save takes an evidence-based approach to changing the culture of giving in affluent countries. Their mission is to encourage people to give to projects that make the biggest impact towards reducing suffering and improving the quality of life for those living in poverty.

  • The Lotus Flower

    The Lotus Flower operates women's centres for women and girls living in displacement. Our fundamental belief is that women and girls are powerful drivers of change. We provide women and girls affected by conflict the strength and support they need to rise out of darkness; moving from past suffering and economic hardship to reach their full potential to rebuild their future.

  • The Shamaazi Foundation

    The Shamaazi Foundation helps to bridge the gap between charity and technology, fundraising over the last ten nights of Ramadan via the platform MyTenNights and distributing donations to registered charities working across the UK and abroad.

  • The World Reimagined

    The World Reimagined is a ground-breaking, mass participation art-education project to transform how we as people, communities and a society understand the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact.

  • The Worldwide Tribe

    The Worldwide Tribe brings a voice to those who have been silenced by conveying the humanity of the refugee crisis via social media, film, and through holding talks and workshops. They also deploy self-sufficient, portable Wi-Fi devices to connect refugees to the internet. 


  • University of Toronto UK Fund

    The fund supports the education and research endeavors of the University of Toronto. At present the universities research focuses on exploring cleaner forms of energy, re-imagining the design and infrastructure of cities, and creating new technologies for environmentally sustainable societies.