Who uses Collective Funds?

Prism offers a unique service to individuals and groups who are raising funds for a specific issue area. The Collective Fund model aims to remove the obstacles involved with setting up a standalone charity, instead providing fundraisers with a charitable account underneath Prism’s auspices. If you are thinking of raising over £20,000 a year for your chosen cause, then this service could be for you. A Collective Fund appeals to those who are new to the charity sector, have a new idea, are new to raising funds in the UK, or simply don’t have time to run their charitable projects at the same time as running the back office. It additionally appeals to people or groups where time is of the essence, and waiting for charitable registration might seriously impact their ability to carry out good work. 

What are the benefits?

Among many other things, a Collective Fund with Prism allows you to:

  • Create and name your own ‘restricted fund’
  • Operate under a registered charity’s auspices
  • Receive 25% more in gift aid on all eligible donations
  • Save the cost of VAT on EU invoices
  • Benefit from a full board of Trustees
  • Gain transparency in your charitable activities
  • Outsource all financial administration to experienced charity professionals

If you think you’d like to open a Collective Fund with us, the application process is simple- please fill out our Collective Fund Questionnaire. Once completed, send it to info@prismthegiftfund.co.uk If you’re the right fit for Prism, we’ll be in touch with further information. If you’d like to look at our existing clients, you can scroll through them below.


  • 'Help Refugees' growth and achievements since 2015 would not have been possible without the guidance and support of Prism The Gift Fund. We are so grateful for the team at Prism for their hard work, professionalism and kindness. '

    – Help Refugees
  • 'We are a new, small and still learning charitable organisation. Prism The Gift Fund has been an ideal vehicle for us, not least in it simplification and ease of access but in its welcome and ongoing flexibility to suit our needs as we grow and change.'

    – Olivia Rowe, Founder, The Jack Rabbit Foundation
  • 'The World Food Programme began working with Prism in 2015 to support the flow of donations for our high profile Tackle Hunger campaign linked to the Rugby World Cup. Prism provided a fast and flexible service which formed a key part in helping WFP to deliver a successful fundraising campaign. WFP now works with Prism on a long-term basis to enable our supporters to donate towards our work in a tax effective manner.'

    – Patrick McKenna, Partnerships Manager, World Food Programme
  • 'Since the opening of our account in 2014, PJ Library have regularly benefited from the expertise and professionalism that the Prism the Gift Fund team provides. Thank-you for your ongoing support.'

    – Lauren Hamburger, Director, PJ Library UK
  • 'When we were put in touch with Prism, we had done two weeks of programming with refugees in Lebanon; we had no staff and no budget to speak of, but we were planning a fundraiser and were looking for a way for people’s hard-earned donations to go to an institution rather than to our personal bank accounts. Prism did that and so much more: their partnership allowed us to claim Gift Aid – and therefore receive an extra 25% on all donations by UK taxpayers; it gave us credibility with institutional and international funders; it saved our time to work on building our programmes rather than keeping our own accounts; and it also pushed us to think about vital governance issues including insurance, safeguarding and reporting.

    Now, two years after we first set up this partnership, Seenaryo is a transformed initiative: we are reaching 10 times the number of beneficiaries, our budget has similarly multiplied, and we have a team of five staff (and growing!). There is no doubt in our minds that without the support and guidance of Prism the Gift Fund, this transformation would not have been possible. We are leaving Prism empowered as an organization, and with the confidence to continue to scale our impact in Lebanon and across the Arab region.'

    – Victoria Lupton, Co-Director, Seenaryo

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