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The team at Prism the Gift Fund are on a mission to increase the flow of funds into the charity sector, with one of the most effective ways being through education. Our experts are highly knowledgeable, with expertise in Donor Advised Funds, due diligence and compliance on charitable donations and Trusts and Foundations. They are experienced at speaking at conferences, training sessions and panels and are available to conduct lunch & learn style events. These are highly beneficial to those teams, offices and organisations looking to have the tools and knowledge to add meaningful value for their clients through philanthropy.

If you have an event coming up, are looking for a panel member, or would like to educate your team on philanthropy and effective giving, please feel free to reach out to one of our experts.

Speakers & Panel Experts

Anna Josse
Anna Josse
CEO & Co-Founder

Anna co-founded Prism in 2005. Her expertise is in philanthropy & effective giving, relationship management, building operations, fundraising and leadership (also with a background in and knowledge of Financial Services). Anna has led many CPD training lunch & learn style events for a multitude of organisations wishing to understand the tax effective Donor Advised Fund model. This gives them the knowledge and skills to engage their clients in a broad and wide discussion about philanthropy. Anna is an engaging and knowledgeable panel member.

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Gideon Lyons
Gideon Lyons

Gideon is Co-Founder of Prism the Gift Fund, and a shareholder and director of multiple public and private companies. His areas of expertise are the trends and innovation in giving, the future of giving and cryptocurrencies. Gideon is currently leading a project looking at accepting cryptocurrency donations at Prism the Gift Fund.

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