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Prism the Gift Fund is a registered charity whose mission is to increase the flow of funds into the charitable sector by creating efficiencies wherever we can. We focus on effective administration of the giving by individuals, collectives and foundations, making significant gifts to organisations all around the world.

  • Save Time

    Your relationship manager handles all elements of your giving

  • Save Money

    We provide a great value service to support your charity efforts

  • Give Globally

    We carry out the due diligence so you can give all over the world

  • Peace of Mind

    Your charitable vehicle is managed by professionals


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Latest News

Spotlight On: Migrate

12th April 2019

Founded in 2016, Migrate uses the power of contemporary art to raise awareness and funds for the global migrant crisis. The model is simple – artwork is donated by world renowned artists, before being sold at auction to private clients. The proceeds are then transferred to grass roots organisations. This…

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