Covid-19 Update: Prism the Gift Fund is fully operational and able to respond to the needs of our clients. If you would like further information on Prism's services and how we can facilitate emergency programmes and other charitable initiatives during this time please contact

  • Office of Displaced Designers

    Operating on the island of Lesbos, the Office of Displaced Designers initiate positive change for a more inclusive and just society for refugee communities by using the power of design and education.

  • Oliver's Wish Foundation

    Founded in memory of Oliver Dowling who passed away in his sleep in 2015, the foundation supports a range of charities that are focused on helping children and young people too.

  • Once a Year

    Once A Year aims at providing global ocean conservation through local communities’ empowerment. The vision is to disseminate a culture of care, curiosity and respect of the oceans by nurturing staunch water advocates. The aim is to support each year a different project that engages communities in the fostering of their own local habitat.

  • Phone Credit for Refugees

    The group aims to help refugees by providing mobile phone top-ups so they can contact support-agencies and their friends and families.

  • PJ Library in the UK

    PJ Library in the UK distributes Jewish books and resources to families raising Jewish children and is a programme of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

  • Prime Advocates Foundation

    Using their expertise in consultancy and law, Prime Advocates provide strategic advice to social enterprises and other organisations supporting the UN sustainable goals of development.

  • RefuAid

    RefuAid provide education and employment opportunities to refugees in the UK and abroad, in order to help restore people’s independence and dignity.

  • Refugee Trauma Initiative

    RTI supports the wellbeing of refugee families and young people in Greece by delivering innovative programmes of psychosocial support and resourcing aid workers, volunteers and other organisations with skills and tools to deal with stress, insecurity and trauma. 

  • Refugee Youth Service

    RYS supports unaccompanied children and young people on the move in Europe to re-start and re-build their lives where they are, or safely and legally reach an alternative destination that is in their better interests