• !Khwa ttu Heritage Centre & Digital Archive

    Raising funds for a South African Charity, !Khwa ttu, which is committed to the preservation, restitution and restoration of San heritage and culture. The San are one of the last hunter-gatherer societies left on earth.

  • ACT for Cancer

    Providing compassionate cancer care and navigation; Help in constructing persuasive patient requests to access new drug trials; Identifying re-purposed drug trials to run within the UK. Ultimately, to collaborate in building the UK’s first national appeals board for cancer.

  • Acumen Fund UK Branch

    Acumen aims to fight poverty by investing in companies, leaders and ideas. Acumen is working towards building a global community of emerging leaders.

  • Alexander Haus

    This fund promotes education, dialogue and reconciliation through the reconstruction of the Alexander Haus in Germany as an educational learning centre.


    ALLMEP UK represents the largest & fastest-growing network of Israeli/Palestinian peacebuilders, with 150+ organisations building people-to-people cooperation, equality & peace.

  • Art Explora

  • Choose Love

    Choose Love supports refugees across Europe by ensuring that vital humanitarian aid reaches them when they need it the most. Choose Love achieves this by going where the need is greatest, finding local organisations doing the most effective work, and providing funding for their projects – for everything from food and clothes to legal aid and psychosocial support.


  • Farming the Future Collective Fund

    Farming the Future serves a diverse collective of land-workers, educators, researchers, lobbyists, activists, organisations and funders, who are dedicated to transforming the current industrial food system. Emerging from the agroecological food movement, this alliance seeks to facilitate the power of the collective to build a system of regenerative food production and land use that furthers social and environmental justice.

  • Fondation Maeght

    To create an international funding circle in support of the work of the French foundation Fondation Maeght, including but not limited to artwork restorations, artwork acquisitions, exhibitions funding, capital projects, facilities upkeep and renovation, public programmes, outreach initiatives, concerts, performances and other cultural events.