• !kwha ttu Heritage Centre & Digital Archive

    Founded in 2006, the fund is committed to the preservation of traditional knowledge as well as the development of skills of people in South Africa.

  • ACT for Cancer

    Inspired by the life of Dame Tessa Jowell, the mission of ACT for Cancer is to improve access to ‘adaptive collaborative treatments’ and to close the gap of cancer inequalities that exists within the UK.

  • Action for Education

    With operations in Athens, Chios and Samos in Greece, the fund supports and implements projects that offer pathways into education and vocational training for displaced communities.

  • Acumen UK Fund Branch

    Acumen aims to fight poverty by investing in companies, leaders and ideas. Acumen is working towards building a global community of emerging leaders.

  • Agora

    Agora supports refugee infrastructure projects in Greece, by working alongside local community groups to understand the needs of displaced people, so that they can provide project management services to meet these infrastructural needs.

  • Alexander Haus

    This fund promotes education, dialogue and reconciliation through the reconstruction of the Alexander Haus in Germany as an educational learning centre.

  • Apart of Me

    Apart of me is a mobile game, providing an easily accessible, engaging and safe virtual space to help young people cope with grief.

  • Cheers For Cheer

    Optimising the power of social media, hospitality brands and general celebrations, Cheers for Cheer raises funds for a variety of small local projects in the UK, South America and Africa.

  • Crisis Classroom

    This fund trains volunteers, equipping them with the skills they need to educate refugees and vulnerable people, positively impacting their lives in crisis situations.