12th December 2021


“Prism has always met the highest standards in compliance, safeguarding, finance and governance, but we go above and beyond what is required because of the robust, rigorous and strict processes and procedures that we have in place. Throughout, we have taken this case exceptionally seriously and have handled it in the most appropriate, professional and sensitive way possible. We always take action when necessary.

“When we were informed of the allegation, we immediately commissioned an independent investigation. This was conducted with the utmost rigour and its recommendations were immediately actioned. These were reviewed by an independent law firm which concluded that Prism had followed correct safeguarding procedure at all points, had complied with all legal obligations and had in fact gone above and beyond our own policies and those of the Charity Commission.

“We also notified the Charity Commission about the incident as soon as we became aware of it. As is normal when the Charity Commission receives a report, it then opened a monitoring case to understand the details, in which Prism has engaged fully. This includes a meeting in June 2021 and some follow up correspondence in July, which is the last time we heard from the Charity Commission. We always exercise the highest standards of compliance and have every confidence that the Charity Commission will reach the same conclusion. As the case is underway, we are unable to comment further.

“We expect the highest standards of all those we work with and provide all guidance and support to help them achieve this. Choose Love is a Collective Fund under the auspices of Prism and all collective funds that are under the auspices of Prism adhere to these standards. In the six years we have worked with Choose Love, we have not received a single report or complaint about its culture or leadership. Prism has always fully audited the financial transactions of Choose Love and has never found anything untoward. Our own accounts are independently audited and publicly available.

“The story in the Sunday Times on 12th December 2021 is now the subject of a legal complaint, something that is made clear on its online story.”


Background information


Prism the Gift Fund (Prism) is a UK registered charity that administers the giving of individuals, foundations and groups. Our objective is to increase the flow of funds into the charitable sector and assist people by providing efficiencies in the distribution of gifts. As well as administering Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) for individuals making significant gifts to charities all over the world, we also administer Collective Funds. Our work is vital as it allows these funds to support important social causes and reach those that need support often at the most critical of times. During the Covid pandemic this proved invaluable as many of our most vulnerable communities suddenly found themselves without access to even the most basic needs of survival. 

Choose Love has been operating as a Collective Fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund since 2015. We administer the compliance and governance on processes and payments to ensure Choose Love has the highest level of regulatory compliance.