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11th October 2019


On Monday 7th of October, Sotheby’s hosted Prism the Gift Fund for our Autumn drinks event, exploring ‘The Art of Philanthropy’.

The walls of the event gallery saw highlights from Sotheby’s November 2019 contemporary and impressionist auctions in New York. With Picasso’s and Basquiat’s on display, the art works provided the ideal setting for two of Prism’s clients to reflect on their experiences of art and philanthropy. 

Anna Josse, CEO and co-founder of Prism the Gift Fund opened the reception and then introduced Daniel Peltz, a client with Prism who has a Donor Advised Fund.  Daniel was awarded an OBE for his Philanthropic and Charitable Services in 2015. Philanthropy has long been a passion of Daniel’s and he noted that he and his wife, Elizabeth, had initially focused their philanthropy on the healthcare sector; funding causes that helped tackle mental health issues. Over the years, their philanthropic reach expanded, and they began funding the arts in an effort to make it more accessible to all. Daniel explained how having a Donor Advised Fund with Prism transformed the way in which he engaged with philanthropy; enabling him to donate to a range of causes that he is passionate about, including funding the arts, without the burden of running his own foundation.

Nadja Romain, the founder of the Collective Fund Art Action Change at Prism, spoke after Daniel and gave her insight into the power art can have in unifying society. Art Action Change uses art to drive positive social change and in September 2019 launched the “Ship of Tolerance” on the river Thames.  As part of the Thames September festival, the project saw 1500 young people come together to discuss their understanding of tolerance in partnership with The Tate and Mayor of London.

Maureen Hooft Graafland, Senior Director and Head of Fiduciary Client Group Europe at Sotheby’s, closed the evening. Maureen is responsible for the long-term strategic approach to the management of Sotheby’s relationships with the fiduciary community in Europe. This often includes engaging with clients on matters related to philanthropy. Maureen outlined some of the ways in which Sotheby’s engages with the philanthropic sector, such as being able to host auctions, helping with the sales of art works donated to charities and facilitating gifts made under the Cultural Gifts Scheme.

Thank you to all those who attended making it a wonderful event.

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