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28th November 2018



The Clubhouse, Mayfair
50 Grosvenor Hill, Mayfair, London, W1K 3QT
18:00 – 20:00 GMT, Wednesday 28th November 2018


As part of Prism the Gift Fund’s ‘Expert Panels’ events, we explore the exciting trends towards utilising crypto-currencies for philanthropic purposes. 

As donations through bitcoin and other digital currencies become more acceptable and commonplace, crypto-philanthropy will grow and has the potential to transform the philanthropic sector. Prism has been working with its payment partner to be able to accept crypto donations, and it is time for philanthropists and charities to come together with social entrepreneurs, blockchain visionaries, and technologists to collectively discuss the direction of crypto-philanthropy.


Panel Chair: Joanne Winston, Prism Trustee and Managing Director JP Morgan. 


Panel members:
Helen Disney: Co-Founder Dots Ventures and CEO and Founder of Unblocked.
Anna Kogan Nasser: Crypto Trader, CEO and Founder of charity Forgotten Animals.
Joe Huston: Chief Financial Officer, Give Directly.
Gideon Lyons: Co-Founder, Prism the Gift Fund.


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