Covid-19 Update: Prism the Gift Fund is fully operational and able to respond to the needs of our clients. If you would like further information on Prism's services and how we can facilitate emergency programmes and other charitable initiatives during this time please contact

We take care of your charitable giving so you have peace of mind

Prism the Gift Fund increases giving to charity by offering a personal service to individuals and foundations making significant donations. By administering your charity donations, we make your philanthropy easier.

Individual giving

We operate a ‘donor advised fund’, a charitable giving account that enables you to support your favourite charities and get immediate tax benefits:

  • Your donations into the fund are distributed to charities according to your wishes
  • You can make lump sum gifts into your fund at any time or top up whenever suits you
  • You can donate cash, shares, art or property, or make regular donations through your bank
  • We handle all your administration including Gift Aid processing.

How it works…

Prism the Gift Fund is open to anyone who can commit to making a charitable donation of over £10,000. We retain between 2-5% of Gift Aided donations for our services. Where additional services are required – such as the monitoring and evaluation of grants – we will agree them based on the donor’s specific requirements. Our high quality service gives you the same benefit as if you had hired a personal assistant to deal with your charitable giving but in a far more cost-effective way.

Prism the Gift Fund, a registered UK charity, is able to make donations to registered charities anywhere in the world and will carry out due diligence on your behalf. Non-domiciled clients also have access to ‘Prism Offshore’.


The example applies to an individual who is a UK taxpayer paying at the 45% rate of tax.

We keep accurate records of all financial flows; you will receive a quarterly giving statement indicating the details of your account including all charitable donations. Your annual statement shows the amount you may claim in personal tax relief. This figure is often unclaimed by donors. Prism simplifies the process by giving you one piece of paper to help you make the reclaim.

We supply personalised charity chequebooks and for donors giving a substantial amount, a ring fenced bank account. This means any interest will accrue to your own donor advised fund. This gives you the flexibility to name your charitable enterprises, without establishing a foundation.


Some of our clients establish a foundation. Prism the Gift Fund act as a ‘back-office’ for those that don’t have the capacity to do so themselves. We deal with the significant administrative burden that can include: the processing of grants to charities, board meeting administration, submitting accounts, and more. A fixed quarterly fee is charged for our work with foundations. This fee is scalable depending on the amount of work required.