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30th March 2021


The Tessa Jowell Foundation (TJF) is a Collective Fund at Prism the Gift Fund that advocates for better, bespoke, brain cancer treatment in memory of Tessa Jowell, Labour MP, who died of Glioblastoma in 2018.


TJF have recently launched their new Centre of Excellence appeal, aiming to raise £4 million to revolutionise brain cancer care in the UK. Their aim is for every person diagnosed with brain cancer to be able to access excellent, specialist brain cancer services by the end of 2022. This will allow the NHS to offer world-class care and provide a roadmap to raise the standards of NHS services for all types of cancer in the future.


TJF’s main funding areas are:


  1. Extend & Enhance Lives: TJF aim to award Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence designation to hospitals, for the new standard in specialist brain cancer treatment and care. TJF will then look to launch the Tessa Jowell Academy for Neuro-oncology to encourage professionals working in brain cancer to share best practice, network with others across the UK, and access specialist training opportunities.
  2. Offer Personalised Medicine: Personalised medicine has been an ambition within cancer services as it is clear a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not give every patient the best chance. Building an NHS infrastructure to maximise the latest developments in genetic sequencing and analysis will be revolutionary. The first Tessa Jowell Precision Brain Cancer Clinic in Cambridge will be running by 2022 and patients will have their cancer genetically sequenced to determine chances of success with different treatments. It will develop a deeper understanding of each patient’s cancer allowing doctors to make targeted choices for treatment.
  3. Innovative Research & Trials: TJF believe that building and supporting a strong brain cancer research community and creating a system where world-class clinical trials can flourish is the only way to develop new ways to improve the outcomes for patients. The Tessa Jowell BRAIN-Matrix Trial at Birmingham University will test the latest available cancer treatments on brain cancer patients to gather insights and data.
  4. Build a highly skilled workforce: The Tessa Jowell Fellowships programme will build a new workforce of highly skilled brain cancer professionals, trained to deliver and roll-out the latest treatments and innovations, sponsoring 17 oncology, nursing, and academic fellows. In 2022, TJF will support the NHS to become world leaders in delivering the gold-standard in brain cancer care.

Tessa Jowell’s “final campaign” launched in her historic final speech in the House of Lords, was to create equal access to innovative cancer treatments throughout the NHS. You can watch her speech here. She believed the best and latest science should be available to all, because every person’s life, every family, matters equally.

The TJF’s specialist national network of ‘Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence’ in time, will make the UK a world leader in brain cancer treatment and care. The NHS hospital trusts chosen have proven themselves to be outstanding in all areas and together form the initial flagship network of Tessa Jowell Centres.

“The Centres of Excellence are the place I would want Mum to have been treated, the place very patient and family will know they are receiving the best treatment and care there is. I don’t know a single person whose life has not been affected by cancer, so while this is a mission in Mum’s name, it is for everybody, for every family.”

Jess Mills, CEO and daughter of Baroness Tessa Jowell


Sky news covered the launch of TJF’s Centres of Excellence fundraiser, you can watch the interview here. Read more about the Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence on their website.