12th April 2019

Founded in 2016, Migrate uses the power of contemporary art to raise awareness and funds for the global migrant crisis. The model is simple – artwork is donated by world renowned artists, before being sold at auction to private clients. The proceeds are then transferred to grass roots organisations. This project was inspired by Founder Simon Butler’s visits to the ‘Calais Jungle’ (once home to thousands of refugees), when the gravity of the situation and the desire to help became clear. Galvanised by what he had seen, Simon began successfully reaching out to the art world for gifts. These were sold immediately, enabling refugee organisations on the ground to receive funds as quickly as possible.  

After joining Prism as a Collective Fund in 2017, Migrate up scaled and began to think more long term. Eventually, the extraordinary Multicolour Project was born. This saw 31 leading artists, including Anish Kapoor, Sean Scully, Raqib Shaw and Rachel Whiteread, innovatively create and donate brand-new artworks from colouring pencils salvaged from the former ‘Calais Jungle’. The artists could do as they pleased with the posted materials – see some of the creative results below.




In partnership with 9 Cork Street (Mayfair) and Phillips, the artworks were exhibited from 20th March- 11th April, filling a spot in Phillip’s ‘New Now’ auction on the final day. This was a huge success, raising £118,000 in donations. 90% of the proceeds will be donated to four refugee Collective Funds at Prism; RefuAid, Refugee Community Kitchen, Worldwide Tribe and the Lotus Flower. 10% will be kept for future Migrate projects. Migrate has done an amazing job at raising funds for the migrant crisis and it is exciting to see Migrate work with other collective funds at Prism to help support refugees throughout Europe!




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