12th September 2019


The turn of the month marked the launch of the Ship of Tolerance at the London Docks. The project is being spearheaded by one of Prism’s newest Collective Fund’s, Art Action Change, in collaboration with the Kabakov Foundation. Art Action Change drives positive social impact by using the language of art to create dialogue within education, health, migration and environmental sectors. The Ship of Tolerance is a ship that was crafted in a time frame of 3 weeks and made entirely of bamboo, wood and silk. There have been 11 previous interpretations of the ship with the first being constructed in 2005 in Siwa, Egypt. The ship is now hosted annually in different global cities, with this year being London.


“London is a beacon of inclusiveness and acceptance, so there really is no better place to display the Ship of Tolerance. The project is a wonderful example of the power of art to unite communities and inspire young people.”

Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries


The remarkable sail of the Ship is comprised from 178 artworks, from 1500 schoolchildren, Great Ormand Street patients and child refugees residing in the borough of Newham. The art was created in workshops organised by Art Action Change, in which children were encouraged to project their ideas of tolerance, inclusivity and togetherness. Their art reflects how divergent cultures interpret tolerance and how these interpretations overlap. The best pieces of art were then selected to sail on the ship along the River Thames for 5 weeks as part of the ‘Thames Festival’. The rest of the art works are being exhibited nearby along the river during this time.

The ship will soon end its journey down the Thames and will dock next to the Millennium Bridge. Through the art that is displayed on its sails, the hope is that the ship will help to promote and encourage a sense of unity and tolerance in the city of London.


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