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15th April 2018


It is Prism the Gift Fund’s utmost goal to increase the flow of funds into the charitable sector and we couldn’t do this without the amazing people inspired to create change in the world. We are fortunate to be able to facilitate the administration of their efforts, and it is great to hear such good feedback as we received recently by Prism client Victoria Lupton, Co-Director of Seenaryo.




“When we were put in touch with Prism, we had done two weeks of programming with refugees in Lebanon; we had no staff and no budget to speak of, but we were planning a fundraiser and were looking for a way for people’s hard-earned donations to go to an institution rather than to our personal bank accounts. Prism did that and so much more: their partnership allowed us to claim Gift Aid – and therefore receive an extra 25% on all donations by UK taxpayers; it gave us credibility with institutional and international funders; it saved our time to work on building our programmes rather than keeping our own accounts; and it also pushed us to think about vital governance issues including insurance, safeguarding and reporting. 

 Now, two years after we first set up this partnership, Seenaryo is a transformed initiative: we are reaching 10 times the number of beneficiaries, our budget has similarly multiplied, and we have a team of five staff (and growing!). There is no doubt in our minds that without the support and guidance of Prism the Gift Fund, this transformation would not have been possible. We are leaving Prism empowered as an organization, and with the confidence to continue to scale our impact in Lebanon and across the Arab region.”



Seenaryo is an arts and education charity that works with refugees and local host communities in Lebanon. They believe that artistic projects and participatory education supports personal development, academic achievement and social cohesion – and allows people’s voices to be heard.



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