9th May 2017

Crowdfunding has always been a crucial part of our collective funds’ fundraising strategies. Whether it’s funding core costs or raising money and awareness around a specific project, online crowdfunding is not to be underestimated. In fact, since 2015, Prism has seen over £4.5 million come through online donation platforms for a wide range of causes. We think this is a true testament to the power of the crowd, which is why we teamed up with our friends at Chuffed.org for an evening of inspiring tips on how to lead the best crowdfunding campaign around.

Chuffed’s CEO, Prashan Paramanathan, and Growth Manager, Marlies Kimpe lead a presentation on the top 5 tips to a successful campaign, which we’ve summarised below:

  1. Find your crowd – work out who your supporters are and understand those who are outside of your immediate circle
  2. Tell a specific, inspiring story- make sure your pitch isn’t too general and give specific, real life examples. People want to be inspired!
  3. Set an achievable target – so you can blast through it!
  4. Build early momentum- ideally, you want to secure 30% of your target in the first 3 days so that your campaign really starts with a bang. Spend time planning your campaign beforehand so this is achievable by contacting donors and interested parties in advance.
  5. Convert the influencers- concentrate on those who have the potential to reach out to others outside of your circle

By using these tips and structuring your campaign in this way, we learnt that your campaign is more likely to be successful and has the potential to reach larger audiences. This was really demonstrated when we were joined by Prism client, RefuAid, who brought a real-life aspect to the evening with their ‘Refugee Access Loan Scheme’ campaign which has recently started on the Chuffed platform. All proceeds from the event will be donated to this deserving campaign, which you can donate to here.

We were so grateful to have the evening hosted by WeWork, and catered by Innocent Drinks, Pret a Manger and Emily Fruit Crisps, whose support was highly appreciated!

For any more information and to be sent the presentation, get in touch with Camilla on camilla@prismthegiftfund , or Marlies on marlies@chuffed.org