20th September 2012

The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC) is a strategy consulting firm with offices in London, New York and Dubai specialising in social impact advisory. Though its dynamic philanthropy service, TSIC supports individuals and foundations in designing, delivering and growing innovative social change programmes worldwide.

TSIC offers a range of bespoke services designed to help philanthropists and social investors identify where they can add the most value and realise their philanthropic vision, both in the UK and internationally.  Among its services TSIC facilitates Insight Trips to visit charities and social enterprises in the field.  Attendees meet with business and political leaders and academics, and—through understanding the unique social, economic, political and historical context of a country first-hand—are able to identify where their expertise, financial resources and networks can be brought together to create the greatest impact.

TSIC has led trips to the Middle East, Africa, India and the UK, and recently has led a series of trips to Rwanda. Named as the World’s Fastest Global Reformer by the World Bank in 2010, Rwanda offers an inspiring example of how good governance, early investments in infrastructure and a continued commitment to reform are transforming a country at the heart of East Africa’s development.

Recent trips to Rwanda have explored investment and philanthropic opportunities in areas of particular interest to clients, such as energy and infrastructure.  TSIC has connected social investors from the UK with inspiring Rwandan entrepreneurs, such as groups from the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs who pitch business plans over a roundtable discussion.  Other introductions to enterprises and charities—such as Indego Africa, a social enterprise which helps more than 400 women artisans export, market and sell their products abroad while providing them courses in literacy, management and entrepreneurship—have helped philanthropists and social investors gain practical insight into how they can support development in meaningful and sustainable ways.  TSIC will be leading several additional trips to Rwanda in the coming quarters as well as further international and domestic Insight Trips.

To find out more information about TSIC’s Insight Trips service and to watch a video from a recent trip to Rwanda, follow the link here:

To find out more about TSIC’s services for philanthropists
and social investors, please visit the TSIC website or contact Jake Hayman at jake@tsiconsultancy.com.