15th December 2016

As 2016 draws to an end, what better way to reflect upon the last 12 months than to hold an end of year get together for our Collective Funds?

In the past year, Prism’s Collective Fund clients have more than doubled in number. Many of these funds, in fact 35 of them, have been established to raise money for the refugee crisis. From dishing out hot meals in the Calais Jungle, to providing Wi-Fi in the camps in Greece, Prism’s 35 funds have worked tirelessly to provide immediate assistance for those who need it most. Whilst operating under our charitable umbrella, these groups have collectively raised well over 5 million pounds and have distributed aid across dozens of countries to thousands of adults and children in desperate need.

To review the work of our grassroots collective funds and to examine their operations with Prism, a large group of us met in the House of Lords for an end of year meeting. Kindly hosted by one of Prism’s Trustees, Lord Andrew Stone of Blackheath, we enjoyed discussions around fundraising, sustainability, 2017’s plans, forward thinking ways of managing volunteers and much more.

Thanks to our fantastic speakers, the morning was a great success. The first to speak was Taban Shoresh from The Lotus Flower, one of Prism’s collective funds raising money and awareness for vulnerable refugee women and girls. Our second speaker, Mike Bartlett, is a Senior Consultant at Money Tree Fundraising, an organisation who help small and medium charities to grow their income from companies, individuals and trusts. The final speakers, Eric Levine and Duncan Francis, are from the organisation, Yoti, who have developed a trusted identity program which allows charities to organise their volunteers and reach more people in need. All three speakers helped to inspire conversation and create a space for open and collaborative discussion.

It’s fair to say that we were uplifted by the content of the event and the discussions that arose, and we believe more meetings like this will create further collaboration in the sector and help to reduce duplication and inefficiencies. We are already hoping to hold more events like this, so please watch this space during the first quarter of 2017!

To find out more about our Collective Fund model, or to see a list of groups that operate under our auspices, please click here.