8th July 2018

Mary Smith, Senior Relationship Manager at Prism, gives an insight into life at Prism.


It’s often cited at our weekly team ‘Ping’ meetings that “there is never a dull moment at Prism”. At our ‘Ping’ meetings each team member has 2 minutes to mention their highlights, whilst standing, and each ‘pinging’ a bell when finished. Working for an exciting organisation like Prism we find that even with the less exciting tasks there are interesting facts. An example of this was our recent dealings with insurance companies. We realised that our Collective Fund projects across the world have volunteers from over 50 different countries!

One new Collective Fund recently joined us as a client called The Lemon Tree Trust, who were featured at the Chelsea Flower Show recently (watch this link from 28 minutes). The Lemon Tree Trust support gardening initiatives in refugee communities as a way to restore dignity, purpose, and cultural identity. They won an award for their garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, and Prism staff Harry Mallidis and Paula Pinto were there as guests to find out more about the project and meet its founders. This certainly falls within the enjoyable tasks!



We are also always learning here at Prism. Cryptocurrencies is currently a big theme, and I learned more at the recent Deloitte Private Client Conference and Goldman Sachs Charity conference, within days of each other in the week of 4 June. At the same time Withers ran an event specifically around Cryptocurrencies, which Prism’s CEO Anna Josse and Head of Internal Operations Harry Mallidis, attended. Prism always wants to understand all the possibilities that exist to increase donations into the sector.

On 15 June, Harry attended the Founders Pledge event at the Grove Hotel, where the best minds in tech and charity join forces for TED-style talks and debates. This year they will be exploring themes such as data analysis in charity selection, impact investing, and unintended consequences of technology.

Throughout the last 2 weeks in June, The Prism team are also attending Private Client drinks with Moore Stephens, Withers and Maurice Turner Gardner. We always look forward to these kinds of events, which are an opportunity for the team to meet those who often refer in clients to Prism, and network with new potential contacts. Anna is also looking forward spending a day, during the week of 18 June, in aid of the Greenhouse Sports Charity at The Wormsley Estate in Buckinghamshire. And then we have our very own summer drinks party at the end of June and we look forward to letting you know more about it.


Alongside the day to day running of an exceptionally busy office, onboarding new clients and servicing existing; we are always learning and reaching out for new opportunities. Please do get in touch, say hi at an event, or sign up to hear about our next events.


Mary Smith

Senior Relationship Manager at Prism the Gift Fund mary@prismthegiftfund.co.uk

020 7486 7760